Careful Word Choice: Bloc vs Block

It can be easy to use words incorrectly when writing. Sometime we may use the wrong word because we don’t know its true meaning. Other times we might simply fail to notice the mistake we have made. Because of the nature of writing it is easy to make such errors. When you are working so closely and intimately to craft written expression it can be hard to stand back and look for mistakes with fresh eyes.

One example of word choice error is when the words bloc and block are used incorrectly. These words look pretty similar, and they sound exactly the same when spoken. So it is easy to see how they might be confused. Still, bloc and block refer to two different things.

Bloc refers to a group of legislators or countries working together toward the same cause. For example, we might talk about Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, East Germany, Albania and Yugoslavia as making up the Eastern bloc.

In contrast, block can be used as a noun referring to a solid piece of hard substance that has at least one flat side. But it can also be used as a verb. As a verb it can mean to shape things into blocks, or to obstruct. For example, we might talk about blocking wood – i.e. shaping wood into blocks. Or we may talk about blocking a door.

Even if you know the difference between bloc and block you may mistakenly write bloc when you meant to write block. Perhaps you simply missed pressing the ‘k’ key when typing. It is easy for such simple mistakes to occur. Still, it is very important to use words appropriately when you write. Using the right words can make a significant difference in helping your reader grasp what you are trying to communicate to them.

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